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About Sugar Spice

Sugar Spice is a Patisserie which bakes custom cakes & confectionary Owned & operated by Sejal Shah. All our products are 100% eggless. Our cakes & bakes are made from scratch ...Yes, I sure do all the baking & decorating myself! It is so much fun and I have a great time doing it!

Using the finest ingredients we craft the best cakes,cookies,chocolates & bakes. We are all about the use of all natural ingredients & free of preservatives.That means you should enjoy them as soon as possible – just the way you would a home baked cookie or loaf of bread!

We are always in the search for new ingredients and recipes to delight our customer’s palate.

Sugar Spice is the ONE STOP SHOP for all things bakery !

• When you receive a product from Sugar Spice you’ll be assured of a treat made with dedication, passion & love…

We are committed to bring you the finest products both in looks and taste that will make your friends & family say, "WOW"

About Me

Sugar Spice is a venture by me Sejal Shah. It took shape in the year 2008. Its a venture to vent out all my passion for baking for ecstasy. This passion for baking is a craft that I have inherited from my grandmother & mother.

Although taste is the first criteria when it comes to food, its aroma and looks are the first things that tempt me early on I've been passionate about the aesthetics part of whatever I cook or bake.


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SUGAR SPICE makes specialty cakes, cupcakes, & cookies for any occasion.Feel free to call us to discuss your options.

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